We have compiled the most frequent questions asked by our visitors. Check them out to understand your cover better. If you have any extra questions, contact us by email using our contact page. We do our best to respond within 2 working days.

Policy details

Who is covered to drive my vehicle?

Any person may drive the vehicle so long as they hold a drivers’ license which is valid in New Zealand and have been given authorisation by the owner of the vehicle.

When will my cover start?

When booking your cover online you will be able to select a start date for your cover. We will then email you your certificate of insurance within 30 minutes.

Can motorbikes and campervans be insured?

Yes, campervans can be insured under Basic cover or Premium cover.
Motorbikes can be insured under Option Basic only.

How much does my policy cover?

The Basic cover offers a liability up to NZ$1,000,000
The Premium cover offers a liability up to NZ$1,000,000 with damage to your motor vehicle from theft, fire or illegal conversion to a limit of NZ$3,500 or market value; whichever is the lesser.

Remember, there is a NZ$500 excess on every claim.

What is an excess?

When you make a claim you pay a small part of the cost. This is called the “excess” and you pay it every time you make a claim. Your excess on any claim is NZ$500.

What am I covered for?

If you take the Policy Basic cover you are covered for:

  • Accidental damage to property in New Zealand that does not belong to you and/or injury or death of anyone other than you or your family members because of an accident arising out of the use of your vehicle.

If you take the Policy Premium cover you are covered for:

  • Accidental damage to property in New Zealand that does not belong to you and/or injury or death of anyone other than you or your family members because of an accident arising out of the use of your vehicle
  • Accidental damage to your vehicle arising out of fire, theft or illegal conversion.

Check out our Basic cover and Premium cover details page for more information.

What is not covered by my policy?

The following are not covered by the policy offered on our website:

  • Damage to my car during a motor vehicle accident
  • Windscreen, glass or tyre damage
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Theft of my personal items from my vehicle

Does the policy cover any legal or medical costs involved in the accident?

Because of the Accident Compensation Act which provides accidental injury treatment for free in New Zealand and generally prohibits a person from suing another for personal injury, it is very rare for anyone to be sued in New Zealand for causing injury. If you are held liable for property damage or sued for injuring another person who is not a member of your family, the policy will pay third party costs and court ordered compensation if you were at fault or it will pay to defend you if you were not at fault. The policy will not pay for the defense of, or fines following, any criminal charges such as dangerous driving which arose out of an accident.

Am I covered for mechanical breakdown?

No, because it's third-party insurance. We recommend that you take roadside assistance. To subscribe, simply add it by ticking the box when you sign up for the car insurance policy.

What does roadside assistance cover?

Our partner has 350 assistance vehicles on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can benefit from the assistance in the events of flat battery, emergency fuel, lost keys or lock outs, flat tyre, towing (up to NZ$ 100) and technical advice. If your vehicle breaks down due to a mechanical or electrical failure and cannot be repaired in 48 hours, the assistance will pay for accommodation or a rental car (up to NZ$120 per day). In case of accident, the cost of the towing will be at your expense.

If I sell my old vehicle and buy a new one, can I transfer my policy?

Yes. If you buy a new vehicle the policy will automatically transfer to the new vehicle. Please note your policy only covers one vehicle at a time. If you have the roadside assistance, please send us an email to assurance@frogs-in-nz.com with the following information : Rego, Model, Make and Year of your vehicle

There is a 48 hours stand down period after the purchase date of Roadside Assistance policy before it becomes an active policy

Where do I find the fine prints?

This FAQ information does not set out all the terms and conditions of the policy – read the policy for full information. This FAQ does not provide full details of every aspect of cover, nor all exclusions or limitations that may apply. For full details please read our policy wordings.

Changes to your Policy

How do I add an additional driver to my policy?

You are required to declare on the application form the likely drivers of your vehicle and advise of any material facts regarding all drivers’ accident and traffic offence history. There are no restrictions on who may drive so other people are also insured while driving your vehicle so you don’t need to tell us about all extra drivers but you need to ask them about their driving record and disclose to us any material facts regarding their accident and traffic offence history.

Additional drivers

You can add up to 5 drivers to your contract for free, please reply to your cover email with the following information to: Registration Number, Make, Model and Year of your vehicle.

What if I want to extend my insurance?

Policies cannot be extended after purchase. We suggest you take out a longer policy if you are unsure of your length of stay. Policies are available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods. The price difference between 3 months and 12 months is not significant.

Otherwise you can buy another new policy for an extra period of cover when the original policy expires.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my policy early?

Sorry, refunds are not issued for early termination of a policy.

If I sell my old vehicle and buy a new one, can I transfer my policy?

Yes! If you buy a new vehicle, the policy will automatically transfer to the new vehicle. Please note your policy only covers one vehicle at a time.

Do I need to notify you if I buy another vehicle?

No. The policy automatically covers the new vehicle. However, please call the claim line and select Premium cover if you want to notify us of a change.

Can I pass on my insurance to another person if they buy the same vehicle?

Sorry you cannot transfer a policy to a new owner.

Can a named driver under the cover take over the cover if they buy the car from me?

Sorry, they will need to apply for the cover in their own name if they take over ownership of the car. You cannot sell your policy along with your car either.

Other questions

Can I drive in New Zealand?

You can drive in New Zealand if you hold a driver license from another country or an international driving permit and:

  • Your overseas license is current and valid
  • You’ve not received a disqualification or suspension in New Zealand
  • You last entered New Zealand less than 12 months ago
  • Your overseas license is in English; if it's not, you must have an accurate translation

Remember!! Your policy does not cover you if:

  • You do not comply with the terms of a valid driver license
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Your vehicle is used in an unsafe or unroad-worthy condition
  • Your vehicle is being used for or tested in preparation for any form of motorsport or used for business or commercial purposes.
  • Damage or liability occurs outside of New Zealand

For more information on driving requirements in New Zealand please visit www.nzta.govt.nz/licence.

What do I do if I have an accident?

DO NOT admit liability. Write down ALL the details regarding the accident, including the name and contact details of the other party. If there are any independent witnesses get their names and contact details too. Then phone 0800 774 747 to report the claim, or check out claim process page for more details.

Contact numbers: (For emergency only, Not for sales related queries)

NZRA contact number (in case of breakdown/assistance) : 0508 69 76 23
QBE contact number (in case of accident) : 0800 774 747

Who is the insurer?

Your policy is underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd and is administered by Crombie Lockwood NZ Limited. Both companies have an excellent customer service track record.

QBE is a TOP 20 global insurer with an A+ Financial Strength rating.


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I found out about Backpackers Motor insurance through a friend of mine that left New Zealand just when I arrived. It was perfect for me as I only wanted to travel for about 6 months and did not want to take the risk to travel uncovered but also did not want to spend too much.
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I was lucky enough not to have to claim anything during my trip - we had no accidents at all. But it was a great option to have this safety blanket at a cheap price. I compared quite a lot different insurance options before my trip and this one had the best cost-to-cover ratio.
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I was so relieved to be able to find an insurance option that would not cost me thousands after seeing the prices in the US. I only had a very small issue with the car and the whole claim process took only a few days. It was super easy. Thanks all!