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Comprehensive backpackers car insurance

page1-img1Insurance designed for travellers

Backpackers Motor Insurance offers great comprehensive car and campervan insurance to travellers in New Zealand. All aspects of our cover has been designed to match your gap year needs and keep prices as low as possible. We have also created extensive guide to help you understand your cover and even help you through the car purchase process.

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page1-img2Flexible short term cover

The cover has been designed to adapt to your needs during your road trip in New Zealand. You can have your friends driving your car and even transfer your cover to another car if you decide to upgrade to a better ride. We also cover every age so nobody is left out. Our cover is supported by New Zealand’s largest backpacker car insurer so you know you are in good hands.

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  • New Zealand’s largest backpacker car insurer
  • Low cost insurance plans starting at only $280/year
  • All ages accepted
  • Transfer your insurance to another car easily
  • Multiple drivers allowed
  • Low excess on all claims


Ashley L. UK
Backpackers Motor Insurance was a great resource for me to buy my campervan in New Zealand. I used their guide step by step to check the campervan that I wanted to buy. Their cover was pretty cheap so I decided to go for it. The whole process was super easy!
James M. Singapore
I found out about Backpackers Motor insurance through a friend of mine that left New Zealand just when I arrived. It was perfect for me as I only wanted to travel for about 6 months and did not want to take the risk to travel uncovered but also did not want to spend too much.
Anna K. Germany
I was lucky enough not to have to claim anything during my trip - we had no accidents at all. But it was a great option to have this safety blanket at a cheap price. I compared quite a lot different insurance options before my trip and this one had the best cost-to-cover ratio.
Michael S. Canada
I was so relieved to be able to find an insurance option that would not cost me thousands after seeing the prices in the US. I only had a very small issue with the car and the whole claim process took only a few days. It was super easy. Thanks all!
Backpackers Motor Insurance provides peace of mind so you can make the most of your road trip in New Zealand.